Leadership – When Was the Last Time You Asked, “Why Are We Doing It This Way?”


It was refreshing to spot Hal Gregersen‘s contribution to the  Harvard Business Review about the important of curiosity in the workplace, particularly within the leadership community. However, the motivation to care enough to be curious is of paramount importance in today’s employee community – especially in and amongst the jaded generation X and the experience-led millennials.

With general long term salary deflation (- except for the Executives, the City and Westminster of course), continuous rounds of restructuring and general executive jiggery pokery, the average employee deploys so much energy just keeping up with the constant changing priorities in order to chase client revenue in ever squeezed timelines, that is it rare to create enough space to enjoy a full lunch break, let alone support them to open the curiosity flood gates.

Perhaps if governments and captains of industry shared the wealth fairly with the worker bees and invested in fostering humane working environments by respecting basic needs such as fair pay, working hours, fully resourced teams, investment in learning and development to name a few of the essentials we wouldn’t need research stating the bleeding obvious. It’s a two-way street and for those of use who have remained connected and hands on with front line working conditions and expectations, it would be wonderful to witness employees with some energy and time to create headspace for curiousity – otherwise it just might kill the fat cats.



Childcare costs double in the UK since 2003

Childcare Costs in the UK

Not that I have first hand experience but we seem to have come to accept that childcare costs in this country are the equivalent to taking out a second mortgage.

How can a debate about female diversity on company board and in senior positions in the workplace rumble on without taking a more holistic view of the every day challenges working families face. The obstacles faced by working parents, and in the main women who still tip the balance as the main care givers, just to make it to work to start the working day are increasingly twisted.